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What I Know About...Polar Bears

by Jackie Orsulak

Page 7 : Lights in the Sky

In the winter on the tundra we see one of the most magical phenomenons of natureóthe aurora borealis (northern lights). On a clear night solar flares from the sun cause beautiful curtains and rays of color to move across the sky. Churchill is in the middle of the aurora belt, so the whole sky is ablaze with color. The night we saw it, the ribbons of light were the color of the green light on a stop light. Sometimes the lights are red, blue, white, green, aqua or a combination of the colors. Go to this website to learn more about auroras:

And, go to this website to see photographs of the aurora borealis.

Last Halloween we saw a rare aurora borealis in North Carolina. We saw faint rays of white and red. It is rare that the aurora can be seen so far south. Some people in Texas and Florida even saw it. At the South Pole, the same phenomena is called the aurora australis. We are so lucky to live in a magical world with all these wonderful creatures and sights. It is up to us to take care of our world and its creatures. This is what conservation is all about. Arenít you glad you are a part of this world, its creatures and conservation? You can make the world better for every living thing.

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mugshotAbout the author:

Jackie Orsulak is a volunteer for NEST (Network for Endangered Sea Turtles).

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