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Field Trip Earth is the global resource for teachers, students, and proponents of wildlife conservation.

FTE on Twitter, Skype, YouTube
Want to learn more about wildlife conservation? Want to share something you know about wildlife or wildlife research? Be sure to visit FieldTripEarth on Twitter, YouTube and other web communities.
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Make a CHANGE, Make an IMPACT
UNITE is sponsoring the Make a CHANGE, Make an IMPACT fundraising campaign between 15 and 30 April 2012.
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Elephant Data No Longer Available
For over ten years, FieldTripEarth has published detailed location datasets and location maps for elephants satellite collared in Cameroon. However, due to increased elephant poaching, we will no longer publish these materials.
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UNITE Tackles Human-Wildlife Conflicts
So-called "problem animals" can seriously affect communities living adjacent to national parks and other wildlife habitat. UNITE recently held two workshops to show teachers how to turn the problem into a learning opportunity.
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UNITE Celebrates Earth Day 2.0
UNITE staged its second annual Earth Day celebration in Bigodi, Uganda in late April 2011. More than 1500 people attended, and were able to view displays, hear speeches and participate in environmental games.
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UNITE Report: April 2011
UNITE's Michelle Slavin reports on the group's ZACC conference presentation, and shares her experiences after visiting 11 schools in three U.S. cities.
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UNITE Update: Early 2011
UNITE's Michelle Slavin reports on activities through March 2011, including teacher trips to Mburo National Park and Queen Elizabeth National Park for several UNITE teachers.
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Project Partners
Field Trip Earth sincerely thanks each of the organizations that has supported and contributed to the development of this website. Please visit their websites to learn about them.
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Thai Turtle Release Update
Finnish TurtleWatch team member Maria Koivisto updates the Thailand Turtle Release Project and shares findings about the release of captive-born turtles.
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UNITE Project Newsletters
Find out what's new at the North Carolina Zoo's UNITE Project. UNITE works with teachers in Uganda and in the United States to conserve wild areas around Uganda's Kibale National Park and to improve environmental education world- wide.
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